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Vulcanizer for splicing rubber conveyor belt

FEIFAN series electrothermal rubber belt vulcanizing equipment have small volume and light weight, which are convenient for jointing. Six-prong integrated flat plug could be used for connecting to thermal source if frame is enlarged, which owns higher controlling precision and could be convenient for safety operation on site with better technical capability than that of detached plug. Main characters include quicker temperature raise, uniform temperature distribution and higher thermal efficiency etc because it is made of aluminum alloy materials. It is an ideal joint connecting machine for jointing of rubber conveyor belts of various conveying devices.
This product is widely used in applications mainly for jointing of various conveyor belts on site such as metallurgy, mine, chemical industry, power plant and port or dock etc. It could ensure quality of steel-core conveyor belt, nylon conveyor belt, general canvas belt and a variety of special rubber belts with erosion and heat resistance to attain over 95% of tensile strength of former rubber belts if it is implemented according to technical parameters of the machine and proper processing for vulcanizing jointing.It could achieve smooth joints almost the same as former belt so as to reduce abrasion to rollers and extend service lifespan of conveying machines and rubber conveyor belts.
Technical parameter specification

Vulcanizer  Vulcanizer

Remarks: 1.Voltage: 380V 660V 480V 440V 415V 400V or 220V
2. Vulcanizing temperature:0-200℃ adjustable randomly
3. Time for temperature raise (From normal temperature to vulcanizing temperature) no more than 50 minutes; 4.Vulcanizing pressure: 1.4MPa (Determined by detailed rubber belts)
5.Time of heat preservation for vulcanizing could be adjusted according to thickness of rubber belt.
6. Joint length of rubber conveyor belt for vulcanizing jointing could be connected together by single or several pieces if
7. Make clear for model and specification of product and indicate width and tensile strength of rubber conveyor belt as well as tension in kilogram required for vulcanizing jointing when ordering products.
8. Users could order spare electric pumps additionally according to requirements.

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