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TK2 Bearing Housing Manufacturer

Bearing Housing Manufacturer

Welcome to our product page of Bearing Housing.We would manufacture it following your specific requirement. We are looking forward to your E-mail us and establishing cooperative relationship with you!

Bearing Housing
  • Special features:
  • 1) Our bearing housing used on the roller of conveyor and relative sealing are produced by high quality cold rolled sheet , to ensure the good quality with good polish effect and fatigue resistance and low eccentricity and precise measurement.
  • 2) With annual capacity of 3 million sets, which covers TD75、TK、TK2 and all relative sealong products. In the meaning time, we could produce bearing housing according customer's drawing, we are suppling to domestic authoritative roller manufacture and exporting to Europe and USA and Sohth Africa Etc.
TK2 Bearing Housing
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